Welcome to ZaPoCrafter!

ZaPoCrafter is a minecraft private server version 1.12, with a vanilla non premium configuration.

Our intention is to build a new community of minecraft players under an original and simple configuration at survival mode with moderate difficulty.

Server features:

– Files Spigot version 1.12.2
– Vanilla configuration
– World Nether
– World the end
– Seed Terrain Control (Plugin)
– Online 24 hours 7 days
– Statistics web system

The server is configured in a survival mode, with plugins configured to protect each player’s progress, showing your own achievements on the web, modifying the minerals and terrain generator, economic system, currency and market, reward for monster hunting, protection of own areas for each player and more.

Server Plugins


Prevent username stealing on your server!
Protects your server offline, also protects your players with a password.



It allows players to claim their own land, as well as everything that is within the claimed area can not be destroyed or modified by another player.



When a player kill an entity, this plugins let you charge – give money or even give any item. Rewards for kill monsters.



With this plugin it is possible to block vaults by placing a sign or poster. Too you can to block doors.



SaneEconomy is a lightweight economy plugin, It supports custom currency names & formats, starting balances, also players can exchange money between themselves.



Is a simple plugin to buy or sell items from a vault. The creating and removing a shop is also very simple.



Plugin that restores skins for offline mode servers and gives the players ability to change their skins.


How to Play:

The first step is to download the launcher of your choice, go to Downloads for its execution and configuration.

If you are a beginner in minecraft go to the Guide Play menu and choose Beginner so you can learn how to configure the connection to ZaPoCrafter.